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GB 34914-2017《Reverse osmosis pure water machine and water efficiency limit water level 》
Water purifiers testing standards
Water purification machines, why is the focus of the people

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Measurement and control technology co., LTD. Was established in hefei days2004Years,The specialty is engaged in the design、Development、Conform to the productionGB、JC、UL、IEC、EN、ASMEAnd other countries and international standard test test equipment abroad、Industrial control equipment and system integration,And undertake the design of large-scale laboratory、Installation of equipment、Debugging。The company throughISO9001:2000International quality system certification,Is relevant《The allowable value of water use efficiency and water use efficiency level》Such as mandatory national standards drafting unit。  Day, measurement and control technology has built national quality supervision and inspection center on building and sanitary ceramics、National water saving irrigation and drainage

The development course

The development course

2016Years for national science and technology support project,Intelligent toilet components standardized test set20152015Software standardization system construction was established20142014In valve general civil test equipment development20132013Won the third prize of science and technology progress prize in guangdong province20122

The enterprise culture

The enterprise culture

The day's location is“Test equipment instruments and test solution provider”; Day's mission is to“Provide first-class equipment,Services exceed customer expectations,Never live up to what our customers' trust”;Day's vision is to enterprise“Be proud of enterprise employees,Become a customer trusted enterprises,Into

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